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Published: 29th November 2012
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Quite a few important matters have to be taken into consideration ahead of the conceptualization phase of creating a logo, and the work of a Logo Design Company begins with procuring such information. A logo is the much required element in a company's or a business's image. It should speak a lot about the company, just by its existence alone. While it's true that a perfect logo could make an enhanced presentation of a company's profile than a few typed pages of the same, it's more than accurate that an awful one could spoil it perpetually.

So, it becomes of utmost importance that the logo has to be designed to serve the purpose to the fullest. We have to take into consideration the business's type of services, type of clients, and its exceptional way of rendering its services. Only after examining all these points, we can reach the concept stage, and then only we should begin the procedure of creating the logo, that is, the figure part.

The actual digital-drawing stage of the logo can be done with any software, like, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc. In this guide, we will see how a logo can be created with Adobe Photoshop.

We are about to create a simple Text logo for this purpose in this article.

Let us create a logo that states 'Creation', and let us also call this assignment as 'Creation'.

First, The Background: Open your Photoshop, go to FILE, and then NEW. In the 'Name' field, type 'Project Creation Logo', put the width at 300, Height at 100, Resolution at 72 psi, all in pixels. Keep the Color Mode RGB (8 bit if possible), background as White, and click the OK button.

Now for the background, select the Gradient tool. Can you view the Image and Layer at the top, next to File and Edit? Directly beneath that, you can view the Gradient Box. Click on it to edit or create the gradient.

There will be a new window appearing, named Gradient Editor, and near its base you can see the gradient bar with its color stop indents tags. Slide these tags left or right to arrive at a new gradient of your preference, and then click the 'New' button in that window to save this additional gradient design, which you can name 'creative'. In this guide, we are putting the gradient type as 'Solid', Smoothness as 100%, and the bottom field that says 'Location' as 30. Click the OK button.

Again go and click on gradient tool, and from the Gradient Editor window choose the 'creative' gradient that we have just created. By the side of the Gradient Box, you can see 5 different styles of gradient selections, the center one is called 'angle gradient', go for that.

Now, set the crosswire cursor on the fully white background of Project Creation Logo image box. Set it somewhere near the middle left and left click once. Keeping the mouse button pressed, drag a horizontal line to the right and let it go near the end. You would now see a pattern on the display. You can try different patterns, by toying with the placement and releasing points of the cursor, and the angle of the line drawn. But more of that at the end of this article, after you have fully completed learning through this guide.

We have created a background for the Logo at this stage.

Generating Text layer: In this stage, we can utilize any special Fonts, but in our tutorial we are going to use an existing font, Century Gothic. Setting it at Regular and at 72pt, go for the Text tool, and click it on the Project Creation Logo image, and type the word 'Creation'. The typed word 'Creation' shall be considered as a layer, so, to work on this Text we should click on and pull down Layer, then go to Layer Style.

You can make a single layer each for each character, for different looks. In this simple tutorial we would treat the whole word as one, hence we would be utilizing the whole word, 'Creation', as one layer.

After typing the text 'Creation', click the Move tool, and move the 'Creation' layer to anywhere near the beginning of the gradient background. Don't be anxious if some part of the word is out of sight by the darker part of the background, it's but normal.

Go to Layer, Layer Style, and then go to Blending Options. Now you can see the Layer Style - Blending Options window. Mark on Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss - Contour, right click on Inner Glow, and set up in the resulting table the following as, Structure - Blend Mode - Normal, Opacity - 75%, Noise - 0%. Below the Noise level adjustment you can see the color selection, click on it and make it green. In the Elements, set the - Technique - Softer, Source - Edge, Choke - 0, size - 250. Leave the Quality adjustment as it is, don't touch it.

We have taken the above adjustments just for our tutorial, but like the background gradient creation you can try plenty of varieties with the controls that are available in the blending layer style window. Also, I have kept the figure of the text 'Creation', the way it was, but if you need to alter the contour to something else you like better, choose that layer, and go to Edit, Transform, and apply the settings you find in there.

Next comes an extra image to augment our Text Logo. This is again an option. Here we have taken an outline of a tree. Get this image, the outline of a tree figure, from somewhere you find it, and save in your hard disk. Open it as a separate image in the Photoshop, make sure that all its outlines (vectors) are closed, and then using the Magic Wand Tool, cut out just the outline of the tree, then pick the Move tool and put it on the Project Creation Logo image. Set it anywhere you like. Here, we are setting it just like standing next to that text, 'Creation', as if offering it some shadow.

Since this is going to be a new layer, go to Layer, and then Layer Style, and then click on Blending Options. Just do here what you have done for the text 'Creation' layer, but as for color, change it to brown or whatever you feel fitting.

You have at your liberty to try and experiment with all those controls and adjustments, and lastly when you arrive at the final Text Logo image that you see right on the display, hit Save, go to Layer again, and Flatten Image.

Now you have your Text Logo, right there on the monitor.

Once again let's be reminded that prior to beginning the work, the Logo Designers should take in all the fine points about the business and make a decision on how the Logo should look like.


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